For everyone, everywhere, the countdown to Christmas and New Year is in full swing but for small business owners, instead of writing your wish lists and planning celebrations with family and friends, there is this other nasty headache coming on – the ticking clock to get your books up to date and ready for your CPA so he can prepare and submit those pesky tax reports in time for your April 17 deadline!

There could be stacks of scary shoe boxes, full of receipts, along with missing ones that could be just about anywhere, all of which you need to start pulling together in order to get your accounts up to date. Then there’s all the really exciting data entry you need to do – could be into a spreadsheet or into your accounting software – but either way that’s a whole lot of time and effort that you could be spending doing something, anything else. Even once the data entry is done, there’s all these small business checklists with everything else you need to do AS WELL!

IMAGINE if it could be different – imagine if all you had to do was take a photo of your receipt on your phone and ‘ABRACADABRA’ and off those receipts went into a virtual world where magically the checklists were managed, your accounts were put together with no fuss then returned to you by your fairy godmother all neatly prepared, discussions with you so you understood the numbers before sending them off to your CPA to top and tail those IRS returns!

You know, fairy tales do come true sometimes and it’s not too late to take action and get someone else to help with the heavy lifting. With AllCents, simply collect your receipts, photo them using your smart phone and we’ll take over from there, posting your documents and bank statements into your accounts so we have everything ready for your CPA in time. You can relax knowing that we are using the latest technologies managed in the cloud with bank level 256-bit encryption protection for data.

So take actions Now – get yourself a Great Virtual Bookkeeper NOW and make the very most of the upcoming festivities!

It makes sense!

Email us or call on (310) 365 9248 for a free consultation on how we can automate your year-end processing while you can get back to planning and enjoying the upcoming festivities!

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