When you’re running your own business, your money is pretty important. What’s even more important is making sure that your money is yours, and not being wasted on transaction and transfer fees. You’ll no doubt be pretty familiar with those pesky fees that you get charged when requesting money, especially if international payments are something that your business deals with regularly. In fact, you’ve probably found yourself wondering, or maybe even ranting to others, about why you have to be charged money when requesting payments. That’s a great question. And the truth is, when you use Veem, you don’t have to be!

So, what is Veem anyway?

What’s Veem, you say? Well, we’re glad you asked. Veem is a cost effective, global coverage company that allows you to make business payments to over 90 countries with the lowest fees possible and no transaction limits. Veem sends and receives money directly from one bank to another, cutting out the middleman and making its services way more affordable than traditional banks. Veem deals in local currencies, which means there’s no fee (you heard us right, $0) on intracompany transfers, business to business domestic payments, or international payments made in local currencies. The only time you’ll have to pay a fee on Veem is when making international payments to be paid out in USD. Even then, Veem only charges you a $20 fee, making it less than half the price of some traditional wire transfer fees.

How Is Veem Different From A Bank?

Veem does all the same things your bank does when it comes to international transfers, they just do it better. When a bank is sending money overseas, they can’t send it directly to the bank that is receiving the payment. Instead, your money has to pass through a bunch of “intermediary banks” before it finally reaches its final destination. Of course, every time your money passes through a different bank, it incurs a fee that you have to pay, costing you a lot more time and money than absolutely necessary. That’s where Veem comes in.

Veem utilizes their very own, cutting-edge blockchain technology that takes the money from your bank and transports it directly to the receiving bank while automatically converting the payment into local currency. They only touch your money once, and it skips all those “intermediary banks” we mentioned before, allowing Veem to keep their fees low and their payment time faster. Think of Veem as the HOV lane of money transfers. With them, your payment can just wiz from one bank to another.

Okay, I’m Listening, But How Do I Use Veem?

We’re glad we’ve got your attention, and we’ve got some good news. With Veem, sending and requesting payments and invoices is super simplified. Veem has a clean, ultra-simple, and easy to use Send and Request function. To send payments, just choose a recipient, currency, and the amount you wish to pay and you can send money with the click of a button, all while enjoying a $0 transaction fee and prefered FX rates. Payment requests are made using the same easy format, include all costs right on the invoice to insure full transparency, and, of course, are fee free.

Not only is Veem saving you money by cutting out fees, but they’re also saving you time. When your payments aren’t bouncing from one bank to another, they’re able to reach their destination much quicker than they would with a normal bank transfer. With Veem, each step of the payment transfer process (processing, sending, and receiving) can be done in as little as 1 to 3 days.

Sounds Great! But What Else Do I Get With Veem?

At Veem, fee free money transfers are just the beginning. There’s so many more benefits that you will enjoy while using Veem. From full customer support (in local languages) to the ability to create multiple invoices and payments at the same time, Veem truly has your best interest and efficiency in mind. Veem connects with a range of cloud accounting softwares – QuickBooks, Xero, Oracle and Netsuite – for automatic reconciliation, making company invoicing and accounting as easy as possible. Veem also gives you the option to have multiple users and user types on a company account, each with their own roles and sets of permissions. But most importantly, Veem takes extra care to maintain the safety and security of all your payments and transactions.

Ensured security is a priority at Veem, and they take extra steps to ensure the safety of your payments, personally onboarding, vetting, and verifying all vendors. They also track your payments every step of the way and verify all payment details to make sure that all funds are safe and secure. Veem is a Comodo certified company that uses bank level encryptions on all of your information and secure servers and networks that connect you directly to vendors, ensuring that your money is always secure and 100% trackable. Veem leaves no margin for error when it comes to your money and its safety.

Alright, I’m Sold. How Do I Sign Up?

Like everything else Veem does, signing up is easy. Just head on over to veem.com/allcents or call us now on (310) 465-9248 and start living the fee free life.

Your business, and your bank account, will thank you!

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